COOLSPACE/EnTouch Pro WiFi Thermostat

COOLSPACE/EnTouch Pro Wifi Thermostat

A true commercial thermostat with a high definition touch-screen display, built-in motion detection and built-in WiFi networking.

  • Full color touchscreen display
  • Built-in motion sensor
  • Built-in WiFi networking
  • Remote management including mobile app
  • Security modes limit user changes
  • Internal temperature sensor
  • Supports remote temperature sensor

COOLSPACE/EnTouch Pro integrates seamlessly with the eSPACE Event Scheduler!
*Also available for other Event Schedulers. Click the Request more Info button for more details.


It's the perfect addition to your commercial climate control systems.

Optimize the climate control systems of your church, office, school or hospitality facility with the innovative, compact COOLSPACE/EnTouch Pro Wifi Thermostat. The COOLSPACE/EnTouch Pro comes with a built-in security mechanism to limit local temperature adjustments and optimize comfort. The COOLSPACE/EnTouch Pro offers Wi-Fi networking in commercial applications where Internet is available.

This cloud-based temperature control system makes remote management a breeze.

When connected to the Internet, customers can remotely control the energy system and analyze data. Now, facility managers can monitor multiple facilities all in one place and have access to customizable reporting features. What could be easier?


Simplify your climate control system with the COOLSPACE/Entouch Pro's energy-saving motion sensors.

A climate control system that doesn’t shut down on nights or weekends. The COOLSPACE/Entouch Pro’s built-in motion sensor automatically detects the moment an office suite is occupied and adjusts the thermostat settings for maximum comfort and savings.