Life Cycle Calculator

Facts About the Life and Condition of Your Facilities:

All buildings deteriorate at a rate of 1-4% per year

As such, nearly every physical component of your facility will be replaced or have a major overhaul

The rate of deterioration can more than double if we do not stay current with the natural rate of deterioration

All of the above will require dollars

So the big questions much money will be needed? And when?

If you cannot definitively answer either question, you need the Life Cycle Calculator.

This incredibly useful tool will help you:

Life Cycle Cost Analysis

1. Identify the items that need life cycle planning

2. Forecast the expected monies necessary based on your projected rate of cost and inflation

3. Forecast the expected date when the monies will be expended

4. Provide reminders to your team of upcoming expenditures for planning

The Life Cycle Calculator can be a stand-alone or application, or you can unlock its vast potential by integrating it with the eSPACE Work Order Management tool for the most comprehensive way to manage your facilities and assets.

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