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Open Wide and Say Ahhhh

How often do you get a physical?  For the past 20+ years, I have gotten one every year.  The poking, the prodding, the blood work…you know the drill.  There is critical bench-marking done during this annual ritual including comparisons from the previous procedures as well as discussions about “best practices” for a person my age, height and family history. I learn things I need to work on for the upcoming year and behaviors I need to improve, add or terminate (like weight… sodium…fatty food). This is all meant for my good and longevity…none of the suggested changes are done to hurt me or shorten my life span, but rather to extend my life and productivity. Besides, we are the temple of God…right?

So, what about a “physical” for our ministry facilities (the other temple)?  Do they need a physical? How is your Facility Stewardship initiatives being implemented?

Let’s take a pre-physical assessment to see if you can answer all of the below questions (don’t worry, there are no HIPAA issues):

Pre-Physical  Assessment

1. What is the effective life expectancy of the roof(s) at your facility?

2. How many more years will your HVAC systems last and how much will they cost to replace?

3. Are your electrical systems/components safe and utilizing current technology to increase efficiency?

4. What kind of “First Impression” will your facilities have on a guest?

5. How do your operational costs compare to similar facility bench-marking?

6. Are your facilities safe?

7. Do your facilities meet code(s)?

8. Do you have any “Life Safety” issues that could be a hazard to your members and guests?

9. Do you have adequate Capital Reserves?

10. Are your facilities as energy efficient as possible and are you keeping up with the changes in technology and laws?

My guess is that the majority of you either could not answer these questions or answered them in the negative instead of affirmative…thus the statement – What you don’t know can hurt you!

So, how do you “know” the answer to these questions? What we recommend is a Facility Assessment…a physical.  I have been very encouraged lately to see more and more churches investing in the “knowing” what condition their facility is in and then taking steps to address the current and long term issues associated with any/every/all facilities. NOTE:  A physical is one the first step…implementation is the real purpose behind any assessment.

So…what can you do to get “in the know”?

We strongly encourage churches to perform or hire someone to perform, various levels of Facility Assessments.  There are a variety of complexities and methods that must be considered…and each has their place.  Below are some of the most common assessments that our team has been asked to perform:

  1. “Fresh Eyes” Assessment   –   A “10,000 foot view” of your facility/campus with the perspective of a first time guest(s).
  2. Physical Facility Assessment – A detailed approach to reviewing the major systems, building components and Life Cycle projections (including potential replacement costs)
  3. Operational Processes and Cost Assessment
  4. Facility Staffing Assessment
  5. Deferred Maintenance Assessment
  6. Preventive Maintenance  Review and Plan Development
  7. Implementation Recommendations and Process  

Call us today to make your appointment to see the “doctor”.

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eSPACE has gone NUTS!

No, not crazy (although some of you might disagree!). Rather, NUTS! Let me explain …

eSPACE was founded in 2008 and its sole market was churches and other houses of worship. I spent 24 years of my life serving this market so it was the one I knew. In fact, the Event Scheduler was originally called ministrEspace an the Work Order Management was named facilitEspace. Does anyone remember that? If you do, then let me personally thank you for your support of the years. You were the early adopters.

Over the past 3-4 years we started to see a trend with other market segments contacting us about our software solutions. At first, we had the occasional Christian school, which seemed in line with our primary market; 5 years ago, the City of Orlando contacted us about their need for work order management. Today, their parking lot division uses our Work Order Management software.

Soon, the largest manufacturer of Peking Duck in Canada called for assistance. Then an optical clinic with hundreds of locations, then retail chains, then public schools. It certainly appears that facility management software is needed for any facility! I have always believed that all facilities – no matter where they are located – need to be intentional about caring for the utilization and life cycle of their facilities.

That leads me back to why we have gone NUTS – in the truest sense of the word!

Our newest Work Order Management client is the Southern Hemispheres largest walnut orchard owner, manager, producer and marketer of walnuts! Let me introduce you to Walnuts Australia, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Webster Limited. Walnuts Australia produces approximately 90 percent of the Australian walnut crop.

So, why did they need work order management?  Why did they select eSPACE? They appreciated being shown how to organize their workflow in a way that makes sense. eSPACE has developed a straightforward approach that’s simple to follow, saves organizations money, and keenly manages resources. We are proud and excited to be able to serve this organization – and we’d love to serve yours, too.

Want to go nuts with us? Check out how eSPACE can make you more efficient, effective and intentional with your Facility Management initiatives.


The WHY behind the WHAT: Church Facility Management

For years I have talked about Facility Stewardship (a term that I believe best describes what we commonly call Facility Management).  I have hounded churches with the concept that our facilities were entrusted to us by God to steward…just like money.  I am a firm believer in this concept as a physical and spiritual principle, reality and mandate. Period.

Facility Stewardship/Management…is a task.  A role. It is something we do.  Something we manage/steward.  Something we hire people to perform. It is a “what” we do. But I am afraid I may not have made a good enough case as to the “WHY” we need to be intentional about it.

A number of months ago I addressed the difference between the WHAT and WHY and how important that differentiation is.  Click HERE for a refresher on that.

So what are the right WHY reasons to be intentional and diligent with your Facility Stewardship/Management of your church facilities? Before we answer that question, let’s make sure we understand what facility management is…and is not.

A good layman’s definition is: Facilities management is the integration of processes within an organization to maintain and develop the agreed services which support and improve the effectiveness of its primary activities.

In a church…those “primary activities” are to minister to the community, minister to the congregation, reach the lost, provide a safe place for people to meet God, etc. In that context, facility management is not merely cleaning floors and taking out the trash…although those may be subsets of the act of facility management. Too often, churches think that because they have a maintenance person or a custodian, that they are performing “facility management.”  Not so.  You may be allocating a person to perform activities that need to be led by a facility manager as a part of the broader facility management initiative, but those tasks are not the crux of facility manager.

OK…back to WHY. Here are some examples of the right WHY for your church to be proactive with facility management:

  1. God entrusted these facilities to you. They are His and He expects us to be diligent.
  2. All of God’s physical creation will deteriorate and will need care and/or replacement. This is inevitable.  There is no escaping this reality.
  3. Facility related expenditures are generally the second largest line item in a church budget, only after staffing.
  4. Concern for the health, safety and well-being of the staff, congregation and guests.
  5. Maintaining facilities is a perpetual activity…not a one-and-done.
  6. Operational costs (utilities, maintenance, janitorial) make up about 80% of the Total Cost of Ownership of your church facility over the life of your facility.
  7. Your facility tells a story…what story will it communicate to your guests? One of care and attention or one of a lack of attention? Mark Waltz of Grainger Community Church says – “When your guests are distracted from the real purpose of their visit to your church, you’ll have a difficult time re-engaging them. In order for people to see Jesus, potential distractions must be identified and eliminated.” The condition of your facility can be such a distraction.
  8. Facilities were intended to Facilitate. What would happen if your facility was not fully operational?  Would it impact your ministries? How many Sunday’s could your church function without A/C in the worship center, in the middle of August?
  9. Self-Respect! If your home was in disarray or falling apart or had stained carpet or peeling paint, would you be proud to invite people to come over? If you are like me (and maybe I am weird), those things bother me.  I do not feel good about myself when my house is not what it could be or should be.  Not perfect…just intentionally cared for.

If you have been tasked with the care, longevity, maintenance, life cycle and/or management of your church facilities, you need to take it serious. Take a minute to read Numbers 3: 14-38. Pay specific attention to the fact that it was the Levites…the priests…that were assigned the care of the temple.  It was not people at the bottom of the food chain.  It was not the unqualified or the lowest paid.  It was the Priests…those set apart to do God’s service.   God ordained his chosen priests to manage the “facilities.” According to this scripture, there was facility management and facility managers (Read about Eleazar in Numbers 3:32) to be in charge of these tasks before there were youth pastors, children’s pastors, IT directors, Media directors and so on.  Get my point.

Facility Management is important. Understanding your WHY for the WHAT will give you the motivation and fortitude to make it a priority.

Check out our new website HERE

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Bellevue Baptist Church Switches to eSPACE

Over the last year, our team has fielded a growing number of calls from churches using other event scheduling software. Our Lorrie Eriksen, Solutions Strategist, has assisted many of these clients including Bellevue Baptist Church in Cordova, TN (Memphis area).Bellevue aerial

Bellevue was the sponsoring church that commissioned and initiated the development of ServiceU over 12 years ago, however, for a variety of reasons, they made the switch to eSPACE late last year. Bellevue is a large church (over 750,000 SF on over 300 acres) with multiple campuses, currently using the eSPACE Event Scheduler and COOLSPACE JACE Driver modules.

So…why did Bellevue make the switch to eSPACE?  Steve Cowart, Director of Events Management shares…

“While we were pleased with our previous long- term calendar and scheduling provider, we were concerned about the future because of the many ownership changes they had experienced in the past few years. A couple of years ago we began searching for another provider for these services.

Bellevue has over 400 spaces that can be scheduled including classrooms, auditoriums, conference, banquet, and other rooms.  We knew that a robust scheduling system would be required to manage the facility in order to eliminate scheduling conflicts.

We found the eSPACE product from Cool Solutions Group and researched and tested it thoroughly for almost a year.  We found eSPACE to be a powerful system and most importantly, user friendly.  We ‘went live’ with eSPACE in the spring of 2016 and have been very pleased.eSpace_Logo_Md

The relationship with Cool Solutions Group has been great.  The company has responded to our requests for new features and they’ve made slight revisions to existing features.  The training offered, both online and at our facility, has been excellent.

We have also found that the product is a great value and we’re saving hundreds of dollars a month compared to our previous provider.”

Debbie Campbell, Ministry Assistant, and Office of the Pastor  has found eSPACE to be a tremendous tool. Here is what she had to say about us:

Our experience with Cool Solutions Group/eSPACE has been wonderful.  It has been much better than what you would expect when transitioning from one software to another.  The transition was very smooth and couldn’t have gone any better.  The Cool Solutions Group team was there every step of the way and was always available for any questions or concerns we had.  They’ve worked to accommodate our needs in a calendaring system that works great for us.”

“The Event Scheduler has been a great tool for calendaring all our events.  One of the many benefits that I love about it is the ability to have multiple schedules within one event entry.  Many times, you will need multiple spaces within one event that have different setup or start/end times.  Another benefit I love is the Calendar itself.  I take advantage of the filtering when searching a certain day for a certain room.  The ability to export the calendar to Outlook is a tool our Information Center has taken advantage of.  This gives them quick access to all events occurring on a daily basis.  I also like to check out The Knowledge Base/Recent updates periodically.  It keeps me informed of any updates, fixes or changes that have been made.”

Thank you Bellevue Baptist Church for choosing eSPACE, entrusting us with your Event and HVAC Scheduling needs.

How are you handling your facility management needs? If you are searching for a solution, we invite you to check out eSPACE . We have the ONLY 3-in-1 Facility Management software solution on the market (Event Scheduler + Work Order Management + HVAC Integration)…as well as the ONLY WiFi thermostats that integrate with our platform.

Come check us out!  




The “Empowerment” of eSPACE

I am sure you have all heard the saying (which is so true) that “Behind every successful man, is a woman.” In the case of a software company, the saying could be, “Behind every great web-based software in an incredibly talented development team.” As the founder of eSPACE, I can assure you that no truer words have been spoken.

In the case of eSPACE, our IT and Development Team is led by a very creative, talented and proactive person.  He is not your stereotypical “geek” with a pocket protector and tape on his glasses.  Not even close!

Tim Owens is a gifted developer and Director of IT for Cool Solutions Group/eSPACE. Since joining our team over 2 years ago, he has completely transformed our applications, means and methods…and made our products the best-in-class applications available in the market…bar-none. We are now the ONLY Facility Management software on the market that combines Facility/Event Scheduling, Work Order Management, Asset Tracking, Event Registration, Inventory Control, HVAC Integration…and now…Wi-Fi thermostats (more on that in the weeks to come…but if you are interested now, give us a shout!).

This week, Tim Owens shares his heart and passion for what he does and why we do things the way we do them.

Thanks Tim for all you do!!!


Who loves to be empowered?  Anyone?

I know I do.

Out of all the jobs that I’ve had, I get the most satisfaction out of the ones where I feel the most empowered.

I love working for leaders who empower those they lead.  They make you feel like you matter…like you make a difference.

That’s EXACTLY the feeling we want to give you …our customers (current and future)! We want to put the power in your hands to help make eSPACE the very best Facility Management product on the web!

We want to avoid the “tunnel vision” syndrome that so many companies fall into.  You know what I’m talking about…
1.  You find a product from company X that you think will be a good fit.
2.  You buy the product.
3.  You start to use the product.
4.  Then, the more you use that product you realize it could be so much better.
5.  You offer suggestions to make the product better, but it seems your suggestions end up in a black hole.
6.  You end up frustrated because you feel like your suggestions don’t matter.

We want you to know that we at eSPACE LISTEN to our customers!

We feel it’s what makes our software so great. It’s constantly evolving…from our customer’s ideas!

We want our customers to drive the software.. not management…not our product managers…not developers…but rather the end users (customer)…the ones that use it day in and day out.

No one knows the shortcomings of a web-based application better than the end user. NO question that the best “voice” you can have if you want to build a product that solves business problems, is the ones that are facing those issues day in and day out. YOU!

That’s why we made a decision early when we launched eSPACE to have an “Idea Board” as part of our software. A landing pad for customers to tell us what features they wanted to see next. Not only can customers let us know the feature(s) they want to see, they are empowered with votes so they can take an active role in setting our development priorities. This allows the development team at eSPACE to concentrate on the features that matter the most!

Features that users are asking for.
Features that are going to make our software better.
Features that matter!

That’s empowerment…That’s eSPACE!


Meet Our New Onboarding Specialist

Here we GROW!!!

As our company continues to grow, God has provided the right team members to join our band of dedicated Facility Specialists. He always proves the right person…for the right seat on the bus…at just the right time.

Given our growth and deep passion to serve our clients (and future clients…and you know who you are!) we knew we had to make an adjustment to our customer service efforts.  To that end we have added a new “Onboarding Specialist” – Jennifer Erwin.  This frees up our Customer Service team to focus on serving the needs of our current eSPACE subscribers.  If you are already a subscriber, you know that we go to enormous efforts to provide you with a live person…in the USA…to help address your concerns, questions and overall support.  That is why this change is so important to us…and to you.

So, I asked Jen to share a little bit with you all.  Please join me in welcoming Jen to our team…and family:

A Personal Note From Jennifer Erwin, Onboarding Specialist

jen soloJune 13th was my first day as the Onboarding Specialist at eSPACE/Cool Solutions Group. Onboarding Specialist. Fancy title, right? Not really. I’d rather change my title to “Servant.”

“Servant?” you ask. Yep.


And in that servanthood my desire is to train clients to appreciate the software that eSPACE provides – Event Scheduler and Work Order Management platforms as well as our COOL SPACE HVAC Integration and WIFI Thermostats (these are SO COOL!) – so that they are able to better manage the resources with which the Lord has entrusted them.

See, I’m a no-nonsense kind of person. Black-and-white thinker. Logical. Rational. Straight shooter.

Our software is like that, too.

And even though I think it’s pretty awesome, the staff at eSPACE doesn’t want the credit. We want the credit to go to the One who holds it all. We want to help you better manage your spaces, your resources, your locations, your events and your equipment so that you have more time to focus on the Kingdom.


We realize that church administrators/leaders wear lots of hats. How many? Lots. In fact, they probably wear more hats than there are proverbial hatboxes in which to store them! But are you – the administrator – insistent on committing to memory all the schedules, events, work orders and calendar items of your church?

Surely not.

Like you, I love people – but I’m not fond of chaos. In fact, here’s a simple formula to remember as you use our software:

Chaos = NOT GOOD. Order = GOOD.

I love hearing potential clients say, “Oh, now THAT’S awesome!” when their minds’ light bulbs flicker on after a demo. I love knowing the moment they’re able to envision how our product(s) can integrate into their current workflow to help better manage it.

Do I know everything there is to know about facilities management or software or training or modules or integration? Nope.

But I do know this: Our program is simple yet comprehensive. It can be as granular or as over-reaching as you want. It can handle your facility related workload – and everyone else’s, too. In addition, I’m listening. I’m documenting. I’m communicating. I’m following up. You want the very best? That’s what eSPACE wants for you, too.

So you have more time to focus on the Kingdom.

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Church IT: Strategies and Solutions

Does your church have a computer?

It is hard to believe that as recent as 1987, one of the major issues church administrators were wrestling with was the question of IF they should buy a computer. Today, however, most of us cannot image doing our jobs, leading our ministries or even functioning in everyday life without a computer.  How times have changed…and in less than 30 years!!!!

Today, most churches have IT departments or outsourced IT help centers.  I would venture to say that the preponderance of churches and ministries have computers and use technology nearly every day in their operations processes.  So, when you have a church IT situation, concern or need a strategy…WHO YOU GONNA CALL (not Ghost-busters!!!)?  I know who I would call…it would be my friend Nick Nicholaou.  I have great admiration for Nick and the MBS team.  Not just from a technical perspective…which they are top notch…but from a ministry and heart perspective.  You will find no better.

Which leads me to a conversation Nick and I had recently about the release of his new book.  I am so excited for the church world to have such a resource available to them.  Yeah, it is cool that Nick wrote a book and that his name and picture are on the book…but knowing his heart…that is almost embarrassing to him as his desire is to provide the best resources to the Bride of Christ…and he has!

Here is a portion of our conversation:

Tim:    Nick, you just wrote a book [Church IT: Strategies and Solutions published by Christianity Today] to help those overseeing church Church IT Coverinformation technology, and it looks terrific. Why’d you write it?

Nick:   Thanks, Tim! I’ve been working with churches and ministries nationwide for nearly thirty years as an IT strategist, consultant, and engineer. The working title for the project was Learning from Others: Avoiding Common Church IT Mistakes, and my hope was to help many avoid some of those mistakes that affect team productivity and cost a lot more than good strategies typically do. Having helped so many hundreds of churches and ministries over the years, I have seen patterns of mistakes that could have been easily avoided if those making decisions knew about them in advance.

Tim:    We all have computers; why is it so common that churches make mistakes about computer system setup?

Nick:   Computer system configuration for a corporate, or office environment is much more challenging than for a home environment. One example is WiFi. Many mistakenly think that using the same WiFi access points at the church as those they use at home should work. It never does because of a few reasons, like the connection loads and the needed filtering issues. This is just one of many issues I wrote about in the book.

Tim:    Is the book written in technical terms that only IT professionals will understand?

Nick:   Great question, Tim! Though there is enough technical meat in the book for an engineer to work with, the book is written so that those responsible for making IT decisions—who are usually not engineers—can benefit from it.

Tim:    What was your favorite part of writing the book?

Nick:   Well, knowing that it would help many churches and ministries was key, and was the driving force behind the book. But the most fun for me was writing the glossary of terms! I like communicating technical information in non-technical ways, and had fun writing the glossary so that those who are not engineers can have a quick reference on the terms that can so easily cause confusion for those not familiar with the expanse of IT terms.

Tim:   Nick, as you know I am a facilities guy, and facilities are a part of church operations, just like accounting, IT, food service, etc.  Given that, what correlations or similarities do you see between IT and facilities…and…how can one benefit the other?

Nick:  That’s a great question! Facilities equipment needs reserves to satisfy maintenance and repair replacements. Churches can approach this proactively or in reactionary mode and there can be significant impacts.  Some of this is cost related, but for sure, the stress attached to the maintenance or replacement cycle is dramatically different depending on the strategy chosen.

Computers similarly need to be replaced on a regular basis to keep staff functioning at its most efficient level possible. One of the chapters in the book is devoted to BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and cloud (data that’s hosted offsite) trends, both of which impact the cost of system refresh rates in a very good way—lower cost and a more efficient/happy team. But it needs to be approached strategically, or it’s result will be no different than that of using home-class WiFi access points in a corporate setting.

Tim:  WOW…you sound like a facility management professional.  There really is a lot of correlation between our realms.  Thanks again for the time today, Nick.

So…go on line…and get your copy of Nick’s book HERE. You will want this as part of your INTENTIONAL stewardship library!

nickNick Nicholaou is President of MBS, Inc., a team of IT strategists who evaluate, engineer, and support servers, Mac & Windows computers, and mobile devices. In MBS’ private cloud data center they host Exchange email, SQL databases, VoIP phone systems, SPAM filtering, and file storage/ synchronization.

Nick and his team have served thousands of Christian churches and ministries nationally, and he speaks on a regular basis at national and regional conferences from coast to coast.

Nick’s Contact Info:

mbs        eSpace_Logo_Md

Operational Equality + Intentionality = Operational Efficiency

In a recent blog by Seth Godin (my favorite blogger and author), he outlined what I would refer to as Operational Equality (my words not his…so don’t blame him). Read these 4 sentences from his blog and then sit back and ponder them.  They are far more impactful and revolutionary than they may seem at first blush:

Something rare is happening, and it might not last long.

Today, right now, anyone with a $300 laptop can use the very same tools as the people at the top of just about any industry.

If you want to write, you have the same writing tools available to you as the most successful writers in the world.

If you want to join a social network, well, the software that connects the titans of your industry is the very same software you can use.

For generations, only the rich or elite or privileged or large organizations had all the “best tools” and access to the leading edge technology.  Think about a few examples:

Until the time of the Gutenberg press, only religious elite had access to the Bible and scripture…now many of us carry our Bible in our pockets on our Smart devices in nearly ever translation.

Until recently, only Meteorologists had access to weather forecasts…now with an app on your phone you can get almost as much data

Used to be that only Stock Brokers could assist you with purchasing stocks and bonds…not any more!

10-15 years ago, only the largest facilities had access to building automation systems…today it is rare NOT to have one.

Think about the internet…it does not matter if your organization has 2 people or 2 thousand, we all login to the same internet which means we have the same access.  This is one of the first times in society that “operational” equality has been so flat lined…which means, there are very few reasons to not be working, playing, developing, managing, leading, writing, creating, etc. using tools that are available to organizations smaller or larger than your own.  How many of you still use a 3″ Yellow Pages to search phone numbers? Have you bought a car lately? Did you only rely on the word of the dealer as to the value, service history or life cycle?  Probably not?

Let’s take it another step.  Just because we have a tool/system that “works” (or maybe better said is, “USED” to work when we first implemented it) does not mean it is the best or most efficient tool know. My manual screw drivers still work fine and they “can” get the job done…but my battery powered screwdriver is much more efficient for most applications. My 1986 “car phone” could probably still make calls (maybe) but compared to my iPhone 6S, there is no comparison.  I have faxing capability on my printer…but I cannot tell you the last time I used it. Just because faxing was the best way to send documents 10-15 years ago does not necessarily make it the most productive today. My old Excel spreadsheet used to be fine for managing our corporate books, but QuickBooks is such a better tool and application for financial accounting

Get my point?  I think so.

So as an organizational leader, with responsibility for your physical facilities, are you INTENTIONAL about utilizing the best tools to get the job done?  You virtually have access to the same tools, means and methods as the people managing your local mall or downtown office towers.  Given the myriad of tools, resources, blogs, articles, etc,  there are very few excuses to not be utilizing the most up to date systems and processes to manage your facilities.

Here is a partial list of the tools your organization should be utilizing to increase your Operational Efficiency…and they are all just a click away:

  1. Facility/Event Scheduling Software
  2. Facility Management and Work Order Management Software
  3. Life Cycle Projection Tools
  4. Some level of Building Automation…at least for your HVAC system…maybe WIFI Thermostats (call me for more details!!!)

Anything less is like living in the stone-age.

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Is CMMS On Your Church’s Radar?

A couple weeks ago, Worship Facilities Magazine published an article about the need for churches to have a CMMS program.  For those of you not involved with Facility Management on a daily basis, let me explain what CMMS is:

CMMS = Computerized Maintenance Management System

In short, this is your facility management software.  How you track work orders, establish preventive maintenance, track inventory and manage your equipment.  It is really that simple.

This article was written by Martin Sinderman…and while I am biased…he did a great job to explain the reason why nearly every church needs such a program.  Remember, our facilities have been ENTRUSTED to us…and as such we are to steward them the best way we can.

The article started off asking some very basic question:

Are you in charge of overseeing the overall functioning of your worship facilities’ physical plant? Does your facility have multiple rooms with activities going on more than once or twice a week? Do you need to keep track of what’s going on in the maintenance-and-repairs department?

If so, chances are good that a facilities management software program would make your life a lot easier.

Later in the article he quotes Mr. Nathan Parr, Operation Manager at First Baptist Church, Belton Texas.  Some of you may recognize Nathan’s name and contribution in our Church Facility Stewardship Manual (make sure you get a copy if you don’t already have one). Nathan provided this quote:

“We’ve gotten busier over the years – and have realized the more streamlined we could make the facilities management part, the easier it would be to accomplish our mission – which is doing the work of our church.” Nathan Parr, FBC Belton

I will not spoil the rest of the article.  If you click on the WFX logo below you can see the rest of the article.  It is worth the read!

wfx_network_logoFacility Stewardship Binder - SmalleSpace_Logo_Md


30 Things you do not want to hear from your Facility Manager

A little over a year ago we posted a blog entitled “30 Things You Don’t Want To Hear From Your Architect.” That got a lot of laughs and smirks.  That was a lot of fun…but unfortunately I have heard most if not all of them at different times. Scary!!!

Today we are going to look at the 30 things you do not want to hear from your Facility Manager. Let me know if any of these sound familiar…then let me know what you did to combat it:

  1. I am too busy to plan ahead.
  2. I am sure I can Google and figure out how to fix that.
  3. I haven’t been on the roof in years.
  4. Where did I put that knife.
  5. What budget?
  6. I am never caught up.
  7. I know a guy…
  8. Storing gasoline and paint in the same closet is fine.
  9. That is the way we have always done it.
  10. Why would we want to “Go Green?”
  11. Our team spends X hours each week adjusting thermostats in the building.
  12. I have all that information in my head.
  13. I don’t like to use technology…that is just who I am.
  14. To save cost we are changing to single ply toilet paper.
  15. I don’t answer my phone on the weekends.
  16. I am not sure how much money is needed to keep our facilities up to speed.
  17. I don’t know how many square feet is in our facility.
  18. We’ll just get volunteers to paint the steeple.
  19. The carpet looks fine to me…we cleaned it 10 years ago.
  20. I am not sure what that odor is.  I am sure it will just go away.
  21. LED will never become mainstream.
  22. Life Cycle! Is that a new kind of bike?
  23. Hello Mr. Fire Marshal.  Can you wait here while I go move somethings?
  24. Let me set up the ladder on this table to reach that high area.
  25. What is OSHA?
  26. We are a church so we do not have to comply to codes.
  27. I am sure we do not need a permit to add on that room.
  28. HVAC air filters should last at least a year.  I only use the building once a week, how much dirt can that produce?
  29. The smoke detectors kept beeping so I just unplugged them.
  30. It’s not my job!!!

Any sound familiar?

Have a great week.  I will see many of you at The Church Network Conference and Facilities Fast Track in Dallas, TX.  If you are going, stop by booth “918” and say HEY.

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