5 Needs Facility and Event Scheduling Software Can Remedy

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With rare exception, church facilities are a tool God has entrusted to us to steward. Part of stewarding is the utilization and use of these facilities.  If your facility is only used on the weekend, I would question the need to have a facility at all. If all you need is a place to meet on Saturday or Sunday, then why invest so many Kingdom Resources to construction and maintenance of a physical structure.

Buildings were meant to be used. And as such, their use must be properly planned and coordinated. Have you ever shown up for a meeting, not just at your church facility, and learned that another group was also planning to meet in the same space? Awkward!

So, why should your church implement the use of facility and event scheduling software? What are the real benefits?  Won’t Google Calendar, Outlook or the endangered paper wall calendar suffice?

Here are 5 needs that facility and event scheduling software just might be able to remedy:
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Welcome to eSPACE


In 2008, Cool Solutions Group developed its first SaaS software applications.   The first released application was called MINISTReSPACE, which was a room and event scheduling software, and the second entitled FACILITeSPACE  geared toward work order and facility management.

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