Who Is They?

Who is They

Happy New Year!  2015 was an exciting year that saw great growth and expansion for Cool Solutions Group and eSPACE…more on that at another time…THANK YOU for your support.

There was a reality that struck me in 2015 that was not new to me, but was renewed in my mind that I want to share. This concept may be heightened by the 2016 presidential debates or by some of the other finger pointing and “buck passing” I have seen this year. Here is a question I need your help to answer:

Who is “they?”

If only THEY would help the poor.

Why don’t THEY change health care?

If THEY had planned better, this would not have happened.

If THEY had thought through this design, we would have what we wanted.

If THEY made more cold calls we would have more sales.

I wish THEY offered a better program for us to get involved.

If THEY had kept better records we would not have these issues.

I am sure you all have heard these phrases…and likely have uttered them as well.  I know I have.  Guilty as charged! I am also pretty sure you have heard preachers, leadership gurus, motivational speakers and the like remind you who THEY are.  But how quickly we fall back into the THEY trap.

Here is the reality…THEY is US.

US = me and you! How different these phrases would be when we take ownership –

 I/WE will help the poor and those in need.

 I/WE will help change health care by being a change agent/advocate.

I/WE will plan better so we do not have difficulties like in the past.

I/WE will think through the design better so we get what we want.

I/WE will make more cold calls to produce more sales.

I/WE will offer a better program for people to get involved and utilize.

I/WE will keep better records to avoid these issues.

This seemingly small change of a couple 1 to 4 letter words (I, we and will) can have a profound impact on our lives and those around us personally, professionally and organizationally.  But in order to make this change you will have to be INTENTIONAL and be willing to accept responsibility…then take action.

I hope and pray that 2016 will be the year of I/WE and not “they” for all of us.

I/WE will do this!

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