Church Facility Stewardship eBook – FREE

Thanks to my friends at Church Executive Magazine, we are able to provide you a FREE copy of a new eBook simply entitled: “Church Facility Stewardship”

Who is this written for?  Great question!!  Anyone who…

  • > Is a Church Facility Manager
  • > Wants to jump start their facilities career
  • > Is an Operations Director
  • > Is responsible for facilities at your church
  • > Leads a group/team that takes the stewardship of their facilities seriously

This eBook is a great primer to get you started on the road to understanding the basics of an intentional and proactive Facility Stewardship (i.e Facility Management) initiative for your church or ministry.  The sections of this e-book include topics such as:

  1. Introduction to Facility Stewardship
  2. Facility Management vs. maintenance
  3. Base Line Best-Practices
  4. The Role of a Facility Manager
  5. Sample Periodic Site Assessment
  6. Top 5 Facility Management Issues
  7. Proactive Preventative Maintenance
  8. Church Management Software – Why you need a facilities component (Event Scheduler, Work Order Management, etc.

This 36 page eBook is chalked full of great information and application.  Click HERE to download your FREE copy today.Facility Stewardship Binder - Small

Then…for those of you who want to take it to the next level and obtain more information or tools for your team, order your copy of the Facility Stewardship Manual.  With almost 300 pages of relevant information, this is a must have for every church with a facility that God has entrusted them to steward. You will also want to explore the eSPACE Event Scheduler, Work Order Management and HVAC Integration tools.

I applaud you for taking these step to becoming the best steward of the Kingdom “tools” God has blessed you with.

Nathan Parr

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