William Vanderbloemen and Tim Cool Talk Church Facilities [Podcast]

This past week I enjoyed some mic time with William Vanderbloemen from Vanderbloemen Search Group. If you are not familiar with William then your church may not have needed to hire a new staff person in the last 5-7 years.  William leads a team of the best “Executive Search” professionals in the church space today.  He has the heart of a pastor (which he was for many years…and very successful I may add) and the drive of a serial entrepreneur.  What a GREAT combination!

William invited me to sit with him to do a deep dive into many topics near and dear to my heart, such as:vandercast

  • > How churches can care for their existing buildings
  • > 3 primary ways churches should think through their facility stewardship (management) initiative
  • > Whether a church should own their own facility
  • > Being proactive and reactive to extend the life cycle of a building and save money in the long-term
  • > Most recent trends in church facility planning
  • > Effective and affordable facility planning for churches

Click HERE to visit the podcast site from “Vandercast” or click below to listen NOW!






Facility Stewardship Binder - Small

One comment on “William Vanderbloemen and Tim Cool Talk Church Facilities [Podcast]

  1. Great info. I forwarded the podcast to My Pastors. Short enough to keep their attention span. And, no offering was taken at the end!

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