The Role of a “Typical” Church Administrator

This past week I was honored to be a part of the 60th Annual Conference for The Church Network (formerly the National Association of Church Business Administrators). Simeon May and Phill Martin and their team put on a great conference each year. These are people that I have  really come to love and appreciate. Every year I come, it feels like a family homecoming.

One of my favorite components of this conference is interfacing with Church Administrators, XP’s, Operation Directors and others involved with the “business” side of keeping a church operational. These folk are from all across the country and from just about every denomination (and non-denomination) and “tribe”.

This year I listened much more intently to the stories they told me and to their descriptions of what they are involved with or have to manage and lead. WOW.  I always knew they wore lots of hats, but this year it really smacked me right between the eyes. I listened to person after person tell me what they had to do on a daily basis or what was expected of them by the church.

So…I thought it might be interesting for you all to see the role of a “typical” (which is a misnomer in and of itself) Church Administrators role may be.  If  I was a Search Specialist (don’t worry William Vanderbloemen…you have nothing to fear) and was asked to decipher the role based on what I heard this week…here is what the requirements and responsibilities could look like:


  1. Have a business degree…preferably an MBA
  2. Have 10-20 years of highly successful business experience prior to becoming an administrator
  3. Have an accounting degree…preferably with a CPA designation
  4. Strong skills with Outlook, Excel, Word, Power Point, Quick Books and at least 20 church management software applications
  5. Be fluent with PC’s and Apple products
  6. Have a degree in religion

Role and responsibilities include…but not limited to:

  1. Lead and manage the church staff…except for the maverick pastoral staff…they are free to do whatever they want
  2. Manage all accounting functions including but not limited to:
    • >General Ledger
    • >Banking
    • >Online giving
    • >Audits
    • >Payroll
    • >Budgeting
    • >Credit card management
    • >Petty cash
    • >Capital reserves (if they even have one!!!!)
    • >Money counting during services
    • >Expense reports
  3.  Manage the food service operations
  4. Manage all aspects of the facilities…LORD HAVE MERCY!
    • >Lead Facility staff
    • >Janitorial
    • >Grounds maintenance
    • >Preventive maintenance
    • >Vendor contracts and bidding
    • >Manage work orders
    • >Oversee facility usage and scheduling for events
    • >Manage the Building HVAC systems and control the temperature for each unit
    • >Solve all facility emergencies and field all complains related to the same
    • >Determine how to be energy efficient
    • >Establish facility use policies and enforce accordingly
    • >Oversee all things security
    • >Be the keeper of the keys, FOBs and Access cards
    • >Leasing agent for facility rental or the rental of off campus facilities
    • >Toilet repairman
  5. Purchasing Agent for anything and everything the church needs
  6. Manage all things IT such as:
    • >Computers
    • >Software upgrades
    • >Software purchases and patches
    • >Server management
    • >IT security
    • >Printers
    • >Office equipment
    • >Mobile app
    • >ChMS selection, on-boarding, implementation and training
    • >Third party integration
    • >Mobile phones and other devices
    • >Child Check in
    • >Oversee the website and digital signage
  7. All things Insurance
  8. All things legal
  9. All things Communications (you would have to ask Mark MacDonald what this entails)
  10. All things HR (This could be a post all by itself)
  11. Construction Manager (no joke!!!!)
  12. Be involved in the ministry of the church
  13. Find a way to also volunteer in your “spare time”
  14. Lead a missions trip
  15. Volunteer management coordinator
  16. Become a Certified Church Administrator with The Church Network

You get my point. I started to run out of steam with “7” above…and there is still more I could have listed…but my head hurts just thinking about everything that I heard that falls into this role. Not even King Solomon could have qualified!!!!

At the end of the day, these people play an incredible role for our churches.  Next to the Facility Manager (I am biased…shoot me), I would suggest that they are some of the least appreciated people on a church staff. I can tell you right now, not by me!!!!!

I take my hat off to everyone that is involved with church administration…don’t ever get weary in serving the Bride of Christ. WE NEED YOU!

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9 comments on “The Role of a “Typical” Church Administrator

  1. Thanks Tim! Just the fact that you listened and thought enough about it to try to put it in words means more than you know! We appreciate what you do to help our facility managers too! We couldn’t exist without ours! Thanks!

    1. My pleasure Terri. The job of the church administrator is far more encompassing than most people will ever know.

  2. Thank you, Tim, for an insightful article on what we do! I believe most of us do not know the scope of our duties and responsibilities until we take the time to think through and write down all we do. That list will be longer than any job description written for our positions. It helps to be reminded that although we certainly serve the people on our staff and church members, that we primarily serve the Lord in what we do. It was great to see you again in Dallas. Thank you for your contribution to the Facility Fast Track session.

  3. Great article! Our Personnel Team wanted me to update job descriptions. Some were a half page, most were three quarters. Mine? two and one half pages. I was shocked. So were they.

  4. Hello Levites in the temple of God, thanks for this great article. Am touched and still zealous to be an administrator for my church. I don’t have a degree in business but just an I.T background and a humble spirit to follow any process of education to learn and be of help to my church.
    Your coaching and guidance to such links and other helpful workshops online training are highly welcome.
    Thank You.

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