The "Empowerment" of eSPACE

I am sure you have all heard the saying (which is so true) that “Behind every successful man, is a woman.” In the case of a software company, the saying could be, “Behind every great web-based software in an incredibly talented development team.” As the founder of eSPACE, I can assure you that no truer words have been spoken.

In the case of eSPACE, our IT and Development Team is led by a very creative, talented and proactive person.  He is not your stereotypical “geek” with a pocket protector and tape on his glasses.  Not even close!

Tim Owens is a gifted developer and Director of IT for Cool Solutions Group/eSPACE. Since joining our team over 2 years ago, he has completely transformed our applications, means and methods…and made our products the best-in-class applications available in the market…bar-none. We are now the ONLY Facility Management software on the market that combines Facility/Event Scheduling, Work Order Management, Asset Tracking, Event Registration, Inventory Control, HVAC Integration…and now…Wi-Fi thermostats (more on that in the weeks to come…but if you are interested now, give us a shout!).

This week, Tim Owens shares his heart and passion for what he does and why we do things the way we do them.

Thanks Tim for all you do!!!


Who loves to be empowered?  Anyone?

I know I do.

Out of all the jobs that I’ve had, I get the most satisfaction out of the ones where I feel the most empowered.

I love working for leaders who empower those they lead.  They make you feel like you matter…like you make a difference.

That’s EXACTLY the feeling we want to give you …our customers (current and future)! We want to put the power in your hands to help make eSPACE the very best Facility Management product on the web!

We want to avoid the “tunnel vision” syndrome that so many companies fall into.  You know what I’m talking about…
1.  You find a product from company X that you think will be a good fit.
2.  You buy the product.
3.  You start to use the product.
4.  Then, the more you use that product you realize it could be so much better.
5.  You offer suggestions to make the product better, but it seems your suggestions end up in a black hole.
6.  You end up frustrated because you feel like your suggestions don’t matter.

We want you to know that we at eSPACE LISTEN to our customers!

We feel it’s what makes our software so great. It’s constantly evolving…from our customer’s ideas!

We want our customers to drive the software.. not management…not our product managers…not developers…but rather the end users (customer)…the ones that use it day in and day out.

No one knows the shortcomings of a web-based application better than the end user. NO question that the best “voice” you can have if you want to build a product that solves business problems, is the ones that are facing those issues day in and day out. YOU!

That’s why we made a decision early when we launched eSPACE to have an “Idea Board” as part of our software. A landing pad for customers to tell us what features they wanted to see next. Not only can customers let us know the feature(s) they want to see, they are empowered with votes so they can take an active role in setting our development priorities. This allows the development team at eSPACE to concentrate on the features that matter the most!

Features that users are asking for.
Features that are going to make our software better.
Features that matter!

That’s empowerment…That’s eSPACE!


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