eSPACE has gone NUTS!

No, not crazy (although some of you might disagree!). Rather, NUTS! Let me explain …

eSPACE was founded in 2008 and its sole market was churches and other houses of worship. I spent 24 years of my life serving this market so it was the one I knew. In fact, the Event Scheduler was originally called ministrEspace an the Work Order Management was named facilitEspace. Does anyone remember that? If you do, then let me personally thank you for your support of the years. You were the early adopters.

Over the past 3-4 years we started to see a trend with other market segments contacting us about our software solutions. At first, we had the occasional Christian school, which seemed in line with our primary market; 5 years ago, the City of Orlando contacted us about their need for work order management. Today, their parking lot division uses our Work Order Management software.

Soon, the largest manufacturer of Peking Duck in Canada called for assistance. Then an optical clinic with hundreds of locations, then retail chains, then public schools. It certainly appears that facility management software is needed for any facility! I have always believed that all facilities – no matter where they are located – need to be intentional about caring for the utilization and life cycle of their facilities.

That leads me back to why we have gone NUTS – in the truest sense of the word!Our newest Work Order Management client is the Southern Hemispheres largest walnut orchard owner, manager, producer and marketer of walnuts! Let me introduce you to Walnuts Australia, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Webster Limited. Walnuts Australia produces approximately 90 percent of the Australian walnut crop.

So, why did they need work order management?  Why did they select eSPACE? They appreciated being shown how to organize their workflow in a way that makes sense. eSPACE has developed a straightforward approach that’s simple to follow, saves organizations money, and keenly manages resources. We are proud and excited to be able to serve this organization – and we’d love to serve yours, too.Want to go nuts with us? Check out how eSPACE can make you more efficient, effective and intentional with your Facility Management initiatives.


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