Do You Need a "COOL" Solution?

I just love our company name…COOL SOLUTIONS GROUP! When we started the firm in 2008, our branding consultant said that we just had to use my last name in the name of the company.  Since that time, the COOL part has taken on more significance related to the products and services we provide and much less about my name, for which I am thankful.

We do offer some very “cool” solutions and your church or organization may very well be benefited by one of them…maybe multiple solutions.

Before I share with you the various solutions, let me reiterate the WHY we offer these solutions:

To assist organizations be effective, efficient and intentional with the facilities they have been entrusted to steward.

All of who we are and what we offer is to fulfill that vision and mission. Here is the WHAT we do:


Intentional Workshop This is an intense process to explore the WHO (are you), WHY (do you exist and do things the way you do), WHAT (is the right tool to fulfill your vision/mission). The INTENTIONAL WORKSHOP includes:

  • Vision Assessment
  • Program Study
  • Master Planning
  • Budget Analysis
  • Concept Design
  • Preliminary Project Budget Projections

Project ManagementIf you are considering a facility expansion of building project, don’t go it alone. Our team of facility specialists have over 30 years of project experience and can walk side-by-side your team to complete your project so that you can continue to focus on ministry.

Existing Facility Assessmentsthese assessment are a tremendous tool to assist churches evaluate:

  • Facility Condition
  • Life Cycle Management
  • Deferred Maintenance
  • Operational Efficiency and Bench marking
  • “Fresh Eyes” Assessment
  • Capital Reserve Planning

We are passionate about assisting organizations be as effective and efficient as possible. Check us out and then CONTACT us to see how we can partner with you!


14 comments on “Do You Need a "COOL" Solution?

  1. Tim, your name is cool. But your company is cooler. I just love your vision and mission. Your newsletters hit me right where I’m at. As a FM of a rapidly growing church, I wish I could convey your message to our leadership without sounding like the bad guy. But, reality and my own experience tells me that you can’t continue to maintain a pace that exceeds your current resources and infrastructure. I’ve shared many an article of yours without much of it landing. Any suggestions?

    1. Gary…the concept of Facility Stewardship can be a tough one to grasp for many ministerial staff. Here are a couple questions that could be asked:

      1. How long could our ministry survive if we could not use our worship center?
      2. Do we really want to borrow money or do a capital campaign to raise money to replace our HVAC system when we could have been diligent in saving for the replacement…which is not an “IF” equation, but rather a “WHEN”
      3. What does the condition of our facility say to our guests?

      Thanks for the encouragement

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