Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Facility (and Team)

WOW…is it really December?  Where did 2016 go?!?!

With Christmas right around the corner, now is the ideal time to be thinking about that perfect gift for your Facility Manager…or facility team…or your facility (yes…our facilities deserve “gifts”).

In light of that, allow us to be Santa’s helper and give you some great ideas:

  1. Facility Stewardship Manual – This nearly 300 page resource tool is the perfect gift for any facility professional or any person tasked with stewarding their facility. Check it out HERE.
  2. WiFi thermostats – Looking to save money and increase efficiency?  Then your facility (and team) deserve to have WIFI thermostats.  There are 2 added bonuses to this gift…it can integrate with  eSPACE Event Scheduler to increase efficiency and it has a mobile app.  BOOM…3 in one gift!
  3. Work Order Management Mobile App – If you are a subscriber to the eSPACE Work Order Management application, there is now a mobile app that is FREE.  Who does not love free?
  4. Facility Assessments and Management Assistance – If you are intentional about sustaining your facility for generations to come, then you need to consider a detailed assessment of the condition and life cycle of your facility as well as proactive facility management best practices.  Check out our SUSTAIN services.
  5. The Only 3-in-1 Facility Management Software – If you are not using eSPACE for your Event and Facility Scheduler and Work Order Management, then this is the gift that will have an incredible return on your investment. See why HERE.
  6. Books, and Books and Books – If you or your team are avid readers, then give them the gift of knowledge.  We have several books available HERE that will help your team look at church facilities differently.  This is ideal not just for your facility team, but if you are considering an expansion or construction initiative, then these are must-have tools.

As if that were not enough options, stay tuned for a new “gift” in January…the Life cycle Calculator.
If you have been looking for a great tool to establish your capital reserves as well as track depreciable assets, you will want to get this!

Facility Stewardship Binder - Small

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