Facility Managers: The Superheroes of Your Staff

We humans have a fascination with the concept of a “Superhero”. Don’t believe me? Click HERE are see how many superhero movies have been released and the BILLIONS of dollars they have grossed.  It is staggering!

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, a superhero is “a fictional hero having extraordinary or superhuman powers”. We love the idea of the person(s) that can leap tall buildings, fly, bend steel, turn big and green and so on.  Think about how much your kids look up to them.  Ever see a boy wearing his underwear on the outside of his pants with a bed sheet or towel flowing from their shoulders?

But the dictionary also gives an alternate definition:  “an exceptionally skillful or successful person”.

I would adjust it slightly to say that it is not only exceptionally skilled people, but people that perform exceptional tasks in the face of exceptional challenges and pressures. For example, I have heard people refer to a single mom with kids, that has to work to support them, as a superhero…and I concur. Or the missionary that provides food or medical supplies to those in desperate need with little to no resources to accomplish the task.

That leads me to the title of this post and why I think your facility manager is a superhero. I have asked the question in a previous post whether the facility manager was the red-headed step child of the staff.  I have shared how important their role is for your organization and how the attention to Facility Stewardship is not just a “best practice” but also a spiritual endeavor.

This month, all of these realities have escalated even more as I have meet and talked with about a dozen facility management professionals. Let me explain.

Most of the churches that our team serves are not “Sunday only” ministries.  They are 5-7 day a week, active, growing, reaching, and thriving ministries.  The holiday season accentuates the activities for most of these ministries as they are preparing for Christmas service(s), special musical presentations and giving countless hours to their local community. The Christmas season is busy for everyone, but add 10 Christmas services, a kids musical, hosting a special Christmas dinner for underprivileged, caroling at the mall and delivering hundreds of meals…well…you get my point.

But here is the thing, most of those activities happen in our ministry facilities or originate from them or meals are prepared there or hams are stored on the grounds, etc. etc. etc. And don’t forget that all those wonderful Christmas decorations have to be setup and torn down.

What does this all mean?

It means that your facility staff have to be superhuman (making them superheroes) to “turn” the setup of rooms almost non-stop, string thousands of lights, clean a facility more often than normal, provide parking lot staff for all these added events, ensure the facilities are locked and unlocked for all of these events, make sure the temperature is “right” and at the same time, do not bust the budget while doing all this. Oh…and by the way…don’t forget they have a personal life (or at least used to).

During this busy season, take a minute (or two) and say THANK YOU to your facility team.  Let them know that without their superhero efforts, your ministry events and activities might not happen or happen as well as they do without their help.  And don’t forget to get them a gift from this LIST of suggestions.

What would really make my Christmas, would be to see someone’s kid dressed up with cape, adorned further with a tool belt, plunger, HVAC filter, facility floor plan and calendar of events.  Now THAT would be “cool.”


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