Thermostats: The Future is Here

Thermostats are the ever-present overlord of humanity’s day-to-day comfort. Think about it – there is hardly an American citizen who does not own and operate a thermostat in their own home. And yet, few people think about this little piece of technology past the annoyance of the Building Manager stubbornly locking the A/C at a crisp 65 degrees.

Once upon a time, people had a much harder time regulating their home and business temperature. In the early 20th century the majority of facilities had manually operated furnaces. These furnaces, usually located in the basement, required frequent coal-stoking and physical adjustments of valves, draft, or dampers.

The progression of the “thermostat” (if you can call the early versions a thermostat) is fascinating…if you have the time, read THIS or THIS.

We have come a long way baby!

Thermostat technology continues to evolve…and will continue to do so. Think of a thermostat as another piece of technology (like your smart phone) that will continue to do more and communicate with other devices and systems. The technology keeps getting smarter, and as it does, the benefits to your organization continue to increase.

Our integrated WiFi thermostats that are an EXCELLENT way to increase energy and operational efficiency.

This is where eSPACE and our COOLSPACE solution come in.  We have have released our integrated WiFi thermostats that are an EXCELLENT way to increase energy and operational efficiency…especially when integrated with the eSPACE Event Scheduler.

See what some of our clients are saying:

Centralized control through an easy to use web portal and mobile app make management easy. The motion sensors then allow for great flexibility without the need to spend tons of time making changes to programming. This system allow us to keep our focus on ministry and spend less time making changes to accommodate events. JONATHAN SMITH, Faith Lafayette Church

LOVING THIS SETUP. I love having the text messages when power goes out on the unit and being able to read the temp from the duct sensor. I appreciate all the hard work you guys did to help me get it up and running. It will pay off! BRYAN CHITTENDEN, Woodridge Church

Easy to use with simple installation. JEFF KELLY, Turning Point Church

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