Why Church Buildings Matter – RE-RELEASED

I am so excited to announce the RE-RELEASE of – Why Church Buildings Matter: The Story of Your Space

I want to thank Sam Rainer and the team at Rainer Publishing for their support, diligence, editing and re-releasing this book with its updated content.

As we have discussed prior, the church campus tells a story. Stories are all around us, in virtually every aspect of our daily experiences, which means that our church and ministry facilities also tell a story. This book offers a unique perspective on the importance of church buildings. These buildings are vastly more important than most understand. The church campus and the story of the people in the church go hand-in-hand and are interwoven into each other. We cannot neglect the power of story and how our church facilities communicate a story. In this book, several key questions about church facilities are answered: How does church space support the story of the people? How does the church space prime the heart, minds, and emotions of your guests? How does your facility bring people into the story of the church and the story of your vision and mission?

Church facilities will not save a person from a life of sin and frustration. But the lack of attention to the church campus can indeed be the road block to reaching those people that need to hear the gospel message the most. Don’t minimize their impact. “Why Church Buildings Matter will reveal how to maximize your church facility enabling you to share the greatest story ever told…the gospel.

Get your copy today.

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