The Offering Moment

According to the National Center for Charitable Statistics, there are currently over 1.5 million nonprofit organizations in the United States. Each of these organizations, including your church, has at least one thing in common. They are all working hard to engage their giver base.

Nonprofit organizations survive or die based on the engagement of their giver base, or the lack thereof. Because of this fact, nonprofits are currently getting more and more creative in their attempts to “get in front of” their givers.

Most nonprofits are expending huge financial resources to gain an audience with their givers. In their fundraising efforts, these organizations rely on direct mail, email, and relational connections. These methods can be very hard to maintain. This, however, is an area where churches have an advantage.

“The church has a unique moment, 52 times per year, to engage with their givers in a real and meaningful way.” What is that moment? The 90 seconds during the typical offering.

However, churches rarely handle this moment well. They most often fail to make the most of those 52 opportunities. In many churches, the offering is treated almost as an afterthought. It’s clear not much planning or time has gone into this opportunity. Instead of using this time in a manner that would excite and engage their givers, they allow tradition, routine, fear of the “money conversation,” and other baggage dictate how these 90 seconds are handled.

What if you could use this moment this precious 90 seconds to stir the hearts of your givers and galvanize a life of generosity? Our friends at Generis created this resource for that very reason! Download The Offering Moment: 90 seconds to engage your givers and begin engaging the hearts of the givers at your church today!

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