5 Intentional Steps to Planning an Event at Your Church Facility

Does your church have events?  I know…silly question…but needed to ask.

If you answered YES to the above, then this FREE eBook, 5 Intentional Steps to Planning an Event at Your Church Facility, is a must read. Deborah Ike of Velocity Ministry Management is the leading expert in the planning and execution of church events. You will also want to get her latest book – “The Church Event Planning Toolkit.”

This new eBook by Deborah is an incredible primer to the success of all of your church events.  She addresses topics such as:

  • Deciding what events the church will host this year.
  • Consider the room(s) and resource(s) needed for each event.
  • Schedule time between events occurring on the same day or next day.
  • Coordinate with Facilities team, catering and others to reserve all resources needed for the event.
  • Leverage technology to make communication easier.

No matter how many events your church hosts in a given year, you’ll need to work together as a staff to ensure events don’t overlap or conflict with each other.

A significant component of any event is the venue. Since most churches host events at their main facility, it’s vital to coordinate events with regular usage of the church building (Sunday services, etc.).

Download your FREE copy HERE! Your staff and church will thank you.

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