Outlook and Google and Pencils …OH, MY!

The eSPACE team meets monthly at a great office space in the Charlotte area called The Launch Factory. During a recent meeting, we discussed the friendly (and healthy!) competition that we, as a business, must take time to assess. But who (or what) is our competition? Is it other facility management or event scheduling software? Is “competition” a perception or is it a trait of the actions of the people we desire to assist?

To get started, we began asking some poignant questions:

  • What problems are customers trying to solve?
  • What tasks are they trying to get done?
  • What tool(s) are they using to accomplish this task(s)?

Surprising to some, we discovered that event management is often still attempted through Google or Outlook platforms (or worse, done with a pencil and paper).

Even the smartest and most competent staff will have trouble juggling details of an event effectively and efficiently. Here are 6 reasons why Google Calendar and Outlook are not effective tools to schedule your facility:

  • Neither Google nor Outlook offers conflict detection to avoid double bookings.
  • Neither Google nor Outlook supports multiple levels of approvals.
  • Neither Google nor Outlook offers a robust reporting capability.
  • Neither Google nor Outlook allows resource/inventory management.
  • Neither Google nor Outlook offers multi-site or location management.
  • Neither Google nor Outlook lets users filter what they want to see on their calendar by all of the available event criteria.

And do I REALLY need to list 6 reasons why you should NEVER use the pencil and paper method to manage your facility and events? (I’ll save that for the next blog!)

Hey, we love our “competition” and recognize their importance in this world! I still jot reminders on Post-It notes, keep a journal with memorable Scripture verses and, occasionally, stare at a paper calendar hanging from a bulletin board in my office. I even use a Google calendar every day to schedule meetings and personal appointments!

But if you’re managing your facility through an ineffective system, you’re going to have an ineffective workflow that produces ineffective results.

If you are using another tool from which you can create a .CSV file or have a URL that we can access, the process of making a change to an INTENTIONAL solution is EASY and FREE.

You’ll have to click HERE to try something better or drop us an email at info@eSPACE.cool. I promise we won’t “pencil” you in. 😉

Jennifer “I did not write this blog with a pencil” Erwin is eSPACE’s Onboarding Specialist. You can schedule a 15-minute demo with her by clicking here or write to her at jennifer@coolsolutionsgroup.com



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