Do You Know the "Health" of Your Facility?

How often do you get a physical?  For the past 20+ years, I have gotten one every year.  The poking, the prodding, the blood work…you know the drill.  There is critical bench-marking done during this annual ritual including comparisons from the previous procedures as well as discussions about “best practices” for a person my age, height, and family history. I learn things I need to work on for the upcoming year and behaviors I need to improve, add, or terminate (like weight… sodium…fatty food). This is all meant for my good and longevity…none of the suggested changes are done to hurt me or shorten my life span, but rather to extend my life and productivity. Besides, we are the temple of God…right?

So, what about a “physical” for our ministry facilities (the other temple)?  Do they need a physical? How is your Facility Stewardship initiatives being implemented?

Are you…

  • Spending too much on utilities?
  • Investing enough to keep up with the natural rate of deterioration?
  • Properly staffing for your facility needs?

If  you cannot answer these definitively, then you need more information.  To that end, we have developed a FREE Church Facility Evaluator. This simple tool will provide you with a snapshot of some key indicators associated with facility operational costs.  This 2-3 minute evaluation will give you some real time data…based on national averages…as to whether you are GOOD TO GO…or in need of help.

Don’t wait…get started HERE!


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