Vetted Vendors – We Need Your Help

We need your help!!

Seriously…we really need your help.

We will be releasing our new Online community – Church Facility Management Solutions – within the next couple weeks and one area that we need you to help with is what we call “VETTED VENDORS.”

What is a Vetted Vendor?  Great question.  Here is our set of standards:

  1. Our Vetted Vendors designation cannot be purchased, it can only be earned though our teams vetting process
  2. We do not accept payments from our Vetted Vendors
  3.  Vetted Vendors are not required to offer special discounts for referrals
  4. Neither CFMS or Cool solutions Group receive any remuneration, commission, or “kick-back” from Vetted Vendors
  5. It is intended to be a list of qualified and vetted organizations that provide services to churches…some national, regional and other local.  Much of the geographic output will be predicated on the nomination process.

To that end…especially the 5th item above…we need your help to provide nominations for firms you believe to be a benefit to churches in some form or fashion of facility stewardship, facility management, suppliers, materials, construction work, repairs, etc, etc, etc.

So…if you can provide us with the following information, we will make contact with your nominees:

  1. Company name
  2. Contact person
  3. Field of service
  4. email address
  5. Phone number

We can take it from there.

Will you help us out?


26 comments on “Vetted Vendors – We Need Your Help

  1. Love these guys and their willingness to accommodate both large and small churches. As a church of about ~150, we don’t have a huge budget. Messenger Media always takes time to figure out how to best meet our needs and their entire team have great attitudes and provide professional service.

    1. Messenger Media Systems Inc.
    2. Jim Thorne
    3. Church Audio, Video, Lighting etc.
    5. 678-413-2301

  2. Hi Tim,
    Below is my information. give me a call.

    Company name: Talley & Smith Architecture, Inc.
    Contact person: Bob Smith
    Field of service: Architecture – church design
    email address:
    Phone number: 704-487-7082

    Our new website is finally online, but some sections have not been updated yet.

  3. Company name: Tailored Tech
    Contact person: Zach Hart
    Field of service: IT Solutions
    email address:
    Phone number: (949) 342-4322

    Company name: J&D Plumbing & Heating
    Contact person: I honestly can’t remember anyone’s names in the office
    Field of service: PLumbing, Heating, GC
    email address:
    Phone number: (562) 427-2555

  4. This is one of the best and most trustworthy businesses in our area. Chris loves the Lord and serves Him through his business as well as a local congregation.

    Company name: Thaxton Construction LLC
    Contact person: Chris Thaxton, Owner
    Field of service: General Contracting Service
    email address:
    Phone number: (678) 779-2348
    Location: Zebulon, GA

    Dan Todd, Pastor

  5. Tim,

    Great idea putting this together, thank you! One of the most nerve-racking parts of my job is finding a reputable, honest, and fair vendor who knows what they’re doing. At times I feel like they don’t exist, but I know they do. So, thanks again for putting this together. I look forward to seeing the end result!

    For your vendor list I have two recommendations for companies that I trust 100%, and praise the Lord that He provided them to our church as a resource!

    CCL Associates
    Chris Fryer
    Construction management
    678-352-0595 (office)

    5K Technical Services
    Corey Kirkendoll
    IT services
    469-656-3159 (office)

  6. Clow Controls & Service inc.
    Dan Clow
    HVAC and Mechanical

    Your question is interesting. There are other vendors with good people that I can recommend, but this HVAC company has gone the extra mile. So, I only offer this one company for the present time.

  7. Hi Tim,
    XL Mediaworks, Inc.
    Jerry Temple
    Church Sound, Video, Lighting, and Acoustics

    We specialize in medium to large church AVLA and are dealers for top lines such as d&b audiotechnik, ETC, DiGiCo, etc.
    Thank you for the opportunity to reach out and submit our info.

    1. Good morning Jim. This is fantastic and greatly appreciated. We are blessed by your support of Church Facility Management Solutions! We will be in contact with your suggested vetted vendor right away. Have a great day!

  8. Jim Thorne and Messenger Media Systems have a heart for the local church. They have been a blessing to our church. They care and are not just driving for a sale. Whether you are a small or large church they can help you in communicating your message to your people and audience.
    Their info:

    Messenger Media Systems Inc.
    Jim Thorne
    Church Audio, Video, Lighting etc.

    1. Good morning and thank you for your response. We will be in contact with your suggested vetted vendor right away! We appreciate your support of Church Facility Management Solutions! Have a blessed day Bob!

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