At Just The Right Time…

Do you believe that God is in control of your life?

Do you believe that God’s timing is always perfect?

I have believed these in my “head” for years…but must admit that I rarely lived life with a complete understanding or acceptance of these realities. I have heard so many sermons and teaching on waiting on the Lord…or that His will and timing are always perfect. I have said the words and used them to convince others, but am not sure that I have really grasped them and embraced them like the air I breath.

Recently, my accountability partner and I have been studying Romans…and in particular Chapter 5. This has really got me thinking and coming face to face with a fundamental truth that I can no longer escape.

Look at Romans 5:6 with me:

You see, at just the right time, when we were still powerless, Christ died for the ungodly. (NIV)

What jumped out at me is the “at just the right time”. WOW…it hit me, this is not just a premise from a pastor or a Bible study teacher…but a fact from scripture…that “at just the right time…Christ…” That has made my heart skip a beat…I actually get goose bumps (I know some of you are thinking “DUH Tim…are you really that dense?” Well…ummm…yeah)

The Message says it this way – “Christ arrives right on time to make this happen. He didn’t, and doesn’t, wait for us to get ready.”

Now…let me ask you again

Do you believe that God is in control of your life?

Do you believe that God’s timing is always perfect?

If you still cannot answer these to the affirmative…give me a call and let’s talk.

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