What got you here…

…won’t get you there.

Have you ever heard that…or maybe read the book by the same title? It is a saying that has been used by consultants and leaders for years.  It is a very simple premise…that the things you did (personally, professionally, as an organization, etc.) that got you to this moment in time, will not get you to where your ultimate goals are.  WHY??? Because things change.  Everything changes (or nearly everything, except the Word of God)!

I was reading a blog by Seth Godin and really enjoyed his take on this topic:

Human beings are prediction machines. Successful humans skate to where the puck is going to be, predict what’s going to happen next, have an inkling of what’s to come.


We do this by creating models. A really good model is a theory, a testable method for asserting what’s going to happen next under certain conditions–and being right.


The pundits have models, of course.  But rather than acknowledging that they have a broken model, they persist.


The thing is, when your model doesn’t match reality (when you have trouble predicting how your investments will do, whether a sales call will resonate, whether a presentation will work, whether a new hire will work out) it’s tempting to blame reality.


Consider that it might be much more effective to get a better model instead.

So, that made me think about how we “do” church.  Our team has witnessed countless numbers of churches trying to use the things that got them here to still work to get them there.  They use the old model.  They use the previously successful means and methods (remember the bus ministry). They use the same mindset that the community needs to come to us instead of meeting them where they are. They still incorporate certain staffing and organization models that worked in 1980 and might work today if Jack Welch was the lead pastor.

Is your church really looking to get to “there”…wherever there is …or merely holding on hoping reality will change?

Then it may be time for a new model.

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