Administrators, you now have the ability to create CUSTOM EVENT REQUEST FORMS that you can include on your Public Calendar or simply link to your website. Here are a few highlights of the things you can do when creating a form:

1.  Select the users that will manage the Event Requests
2.  Add a button on your public calendar that links to the form
3.  Choose the text and colors of the text on the button
4.  Customize the thank you message that users receive when submitting an event request
5.  Add custom image that appears at the top of your form
6.  Show public Spaces/Resources/Services (Note: In order to have a SPACE/RESOURCE/SERVICE appear on the form, you need to mark it as public.)
7.  Add custom form questions and re-order them

To get started, simply go to Setup> Event Request Forms, located on the left sidebar of your dashboard (see below).


Once you've completed your form and someone submits an event request from the public calendar, the request will appear on the dashboard of the user that you pre-selected to manage these event requests.
The user can then review and convert the request to an event, which will then go through the normal workflow approval process.

You can learn more about this by going to "Knowledge Base" located on the top of your dashboard and clicking on New Custom Event Request Forms.