Niagara Framework

The Niagara Framework connects different components, operating systems and applications and allows devices and protocols to integrate into unified, smart systems such as COOLSPACE and eSPACE. If your organization has a JACE or equivalent on site, our COOLSPACE Driver can integrate your Building Automation System with the eSPACE Event Scheduler.



New Horizons Fellowship

I have personally been using this software for close to a year and at our facility, we have been using the software for a number of years. This scheduling software is in the top that I have used personally. A huge pro for the software is the break out of the number spaces and from a scheduling perspective the alert of conflicts. The software while having an ease of use, is also flexible and has met every business need we have had. I would highly recommend this product for use in facility management and\or event scheduling. The customer service has been extremely helpful the couple of times I have called in with either a technical question or an account question.



New Horizons Fellowship

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