The number one cost influencer to your utility bills can be attributed to the cost of heating and cooling your facility. And the 2 factors that are the root cause of most inefficiencies is Controls and Behaviors. To assist your organization, we have developed COOLSPACE with options to integrate the eSPACE Event Scheduler with your HVAC system via a JACE Driver and/or WiFi Thermostats.

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Interfaces with the eSPACE Event Scheduler

Interface your HVAC systems with the eSPACE Event Scheduler to save time and money.

Only use your HVAC systems when rooms are scheduled

COOLSPACE engages and disengages your HVAC system based on actual room usage and schedules.

Enter your event and room schedules only one time

Reduces manpower costs by reducing double entry of data or manual setting of HVAC controls.

Savings abound

COOLSPACE can help save energy, labor costs, as well as “run time” and life cycle costs. In some cases 20% or more.

Integrates with a variety of HVAC control systems

COOLSPACE can Interface with virtually any BACnet Building Automation System as well as communicating with specific network compatible WiFi Thermostats.

Ongoing support

eSPACE provides multiple levels of support. Low annual access cost.

COOLSPACE/EnTouch Pro Wifi Thermostats

A true commercial thermostat with a high definition touch-screen display, built-in motion detection and built-in WiFi networking.

  • Full color touchscreen display
  • Built-in motion sensor
  • Built-in WiFi networking
  • Remote management including mobile app
  • Security modes limit user changes
  • Internal temperature sensor
  • Supports remote temperature sensor

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It's the perfect addition to your commercial climate control systems.

Optimize the climate control systems of your church, office, school or hospitality facility with the innovative, compact COOLSPACE/EnTouch Pro Wifi Thermostat. The COOLSPACE/EnTouch Pro comes with a built-in security mechanism to limit local temperature adjustments and optimize comfort. The COOLSPACE/EnTouch Pro offers Wi-Fi networking in commercial applications where Internet is available.

This cloud-based temperature control system makes remote management a breeze.

When connected to the Internet, customers can remotely control the energy system and analyze data. Now, facility managers can monitor multiple facilities all in one place and have access to customizable reporting features. What could be easier?

Simplify your climate control system with the COOLSPACE/Entouch Pro's energy-saving motion sensors.

A climate control system that doesn’t shut down on nights or weekends. The COOLSPACE/Entouch Pro’s built-in motion sensor automatically detects the moment an office suite is occupied and adjusts the thermostat settings for maximum comfort and savings.



Our church has been a client of eSPACE Event Scheduling and COOL SPACE for around 3 years. Using this cloud based software has allowed us to save around 25% on utilities and use those funds toward ministry and missions of the church to help grow the Kingdom. Very easy to use product and great customer service!



First Baptist Church of Columbia

We have been using eSPACE with COOL SPACE for three years, and our church saw a 30% reduction in utility expense immediately after installation. The interface is easy to manage, easy to teach to our staff, and we can make adjustments from anywhere. COOL SPACE has now paid for itself several times over in return on investment as we’ve saved on electric bills and maintenance. No more lock-boxes on thermostats, and no more forgetting to "turn the air up on the way out" after a service or event.

Hank Garner

First Baptist Church of Columbia


I have been managing our church facility for nearly 14 years and while I have experimented with other software tools to help me, Cool Solutions Group is hands down the best out there. Cost savings, better stewardship and higher production of our church’s support staff are a direct result of their Event, Work Order and HVAC management software. The relationship our church has with Cool Solutions Group is built on trust because we know they will always be there to support our mission and will continually innovate to do that.

Luke Littrell

Fellowship Bible Church

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