Nearly every component of your facilities will have to be replaced or significantly modified at some point during it effective life cycle. This is inevitable...these issues are not an "IF" question, but rather "WHEN" and "HOW MUCH." Do you have an action plan to address the inevitable? INTENTIONAL organizations plan today for tomorrow’s costs.

That’s why it’s critical you establish a capital reserve account now. This completely FREE tool will help set you on the right path to being the best steward of the facilities entrusted to you.


Asset Tracking

List, track, organize and project the life cycle costs of all facility components, assets and equipment.

Remaining Useful Life (RUL)

Establish and track the remaining useful life for all facility components, assets and equipment.

Adjustable Inflation Factor

Select an inflation factor based on your specific geographic location and economic considerations.

Capital Reserve Budgeting

Proactively track annual capital reserve budgets based on RUL and inflation. Don't be caught short on capital replacement funds again.

Depreciation Schedule

Establish and track depreciation schedules for your depreciable assets.


Integrates with the eSPACE Work Order Management tool providing you with the most powerful and intentional Facility Management software available.

eSpace Life Cycle Calculator


westwood community church

The number one thing that eSPACE has that ServiceU did not is excellent customer service! eSPACE is so much more comprehensive, specifically for the whole facility. Work order system, HVAC system and now the Life Cycle Calculator are so wonderfully focused on the facility as that is your niche. eSPACE is so much easier to update than ServiceU. I can go to one date in a recurrence and change the setup without affecting any of the other dates. I so love the customer focused attitude that all of you have. You truly want to know how to make the system better for us.

Laurie Aasen

Westwood Community Church

Peace United Methodist Church

Your eSPACE software has proven invaluable to our ministry thru the years. The reliability and ease of use is second to none.

Jana Hart

Peace United Methodist Church

Our Lady of the Pines

I just want to share with all of you how much we like your program. The customer service is awesome, thanks again.

Jay Barnwell

Our Lady of the Pines

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