eSPACE and Cool Solutions Group exists to assist organizations be EFFECTIVE, EFFICIENT and INTENTIONAL with the facilities they have been entrusted to steward. To help us fulfill that mission, we have developed some incredible resources to assist you and your organization be "best-in-class" with your Facility Stewardship Initiatives.


Almost every component of your facility will have to be replaced at some point. Do you have an action plan? Intentional organizations plan today for tomorrow’s costs. That’s why it’s critical you establish a capital reserve account now.

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5 Intentional Steps to Planning an Event at your Church Facility

Planning each event involves a myriad of details, including coordinating with multiple departments, reserving rooms and/or services, managing expenses, and communicating the event to potential attendees. Here we provide a simple and effective guide to understanding all the factors the influence event success and how to be INTENTIONAL and IMPACTFUL. These are need-to-know insights that can make a huge different to church event success.

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Church Facility Evaluator

Are you...
  • Spending too much on utilities?
  • Investing enough to keep up with the natural rate of deterioration?
  • Properly staffing for your facility needs?

If you can not answer these definitively, then you need more information. To that end, we have developed this FREE Church Facility Evaluator. This simple tool will provide you with a snapshot of some key indicators associated with facility operational costs.

Bellevue Baptist Church Case Study

Bellevue Baptist Church was the sponsoring church that initiated the development of ServiceU more than 12 years ago; however, for a variety of reasons, they made the switch to eSPACE. Because Bellevue’s team manages more than 750,000 square feet and more than 400 spaces on a weekly basis, they quickly realized their need for a more effective way to manage their facilities and integrate their schedule with their HVAC systems.

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