Focus or Frenzy?

I (Jen Erwin, Onboarding Specialist for Cool Solutions Group) recently read the following excerpt from Dr. David Jeremiah:

“It’s happened to everyone: You go online – to make a single purchase – and an hour and many clicks later you are on a totally unrelated website wondering how you got there. We sometimes act like small children who are attracted by bright lights and loud noises. What we do externally often bears little resemblance to what we intended to do internally.”

And even though that last sentence punched me in the gut, I couldn’t stop myself from reading it again and again: What we do externally often bears little resemblance to what we intended to do internally.

I know that eSPACE doesn’t ascribe to the theory of frenzy. We respect and value order and believe that’s how we, ultimately, were designed to operate at peak performance.

Same goes for your facility: If you’re aimlessly putting out fires instead of strategically planning for appropriate upkeep through careful, calculated and poignant budgeting, what happens around you may begin to show little resemblance to your original intention.

That’s why our team created the Life Cycle Calculator.

Capital Reserves? Check!

Asset Tracking? Check!

Life Cycle Projections? Check!

Addressing Inflation Factors? Check!

ORDER. (We love it!)

So, why stand back and throw stones (knee-jerk reaction) at the bad guy (lack of planning, deteriorating facility) instead of taking the upper hand to wrangle him into submission (budget appropriate funds needed to sustain)? You have control here! “Intentional” is more than just a buzzword at eSPACE – it’s a means by which effective facility management and stewardship is tackled.

It’s time to focus – and it’s time to let your internal intention create external results.

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