90, 87, 68, 5 – A Love Story

I generally do not use this platform to discuss personal issues…but today is an exception.  Hear me out.

The numbers in the title of this blog have incredible significance to me and my family.  I realize they appear random, but there is a pattern and rhythm that has eternal significance.

90 – The age of Atwood Jennings Cool – my dad

87 – The age of Leona Catherine (Holley) Cool – my mom

68 – The number of years they were married

5 – Keep reading

On Saturday, December 8, 2018, Jesus Christ, my parents Lord and Savior (as well as mine), ushered them both to be with him for all eternity. We had the privilege to have both in their living room on side-by-side Hospice provided beds (BTW…Atrium Health Hospice of Union County was/is phenomenal…thank you for your care, comfort, promptness, and love for those you care for…especially my folks!!!)…see picture below.

OK…I need to pause so I can get a good cry in and wipe the tears from my keyboard…be right back.

Mom had a nasty battle with Ovarian cancer/Chemo and dad had a recent fall that led to an incredibly rapid decline.

So…what about the number 5? This is where the grace and love of God honored my parents’ wishes/prayers.  After doing EVERYTHING together for 68 years, they often would tell us kids that they would prefer to enter heaven together.  They could not imagine a “life” without the other…and frankly…my dad could not have survived without my mom.

Well…God honored them. Daddy graduated at about 5:30 AM and mommy joined him at about 10:30 AM.  WOW…you can’t make this stuff up.  Not even a Hallmark Movie could write such a beautiful script (The Notebook may be the closest example). Hold on…need to wipe more tears.

OK…I am back.

So, why am I sharing this?  Am I looking for sympathy or empathy?  Not hardly.  Am I hoping to get more readers by being vulnerable?  REALLY?!?!

Here is my WHY I am sharing:

  1. We are to honor our mother and father.
  2. My parents ministered to countless people while in the pastorate and nursing home business…now God is ministering to them in person.
  3. God hears the desires of our heart…and he answers prayers.
  4. Heaven has received 2 people that loved their Lord and now are sitting with him as well as their parents, friends and other family.  Time to celebrate.
  5. My parents have left a legacy for me and my family…Lisa and the kids have been incredible. Thank you!
  6. My parents had some other prayers for their 4 kids that have not all come to fruition during their life and I would ask that you join me in praying that all of our family will be reunited in heaven.

Heaven is much richer today! I miss you mom and dad…but will see you again!

Your Timmy Lee

“That my way will not be lost
From now on, ’til that river’s crossed
My soul renewed, and my spirit free
In you I’ll find my peace”