A Week in the Life of a Worship Leader – FREE eBook

Are you a Worship Leader?  What does that title really mean and who falls into that category?

As I shared a couple weeks ago, I served as the Interim Minister of Music for a church in Charlotte, NC for a couple years.  I was responsible to lead congregational singing (from behind a pulpit…wearing a suite and tie), song selections, special music selections, choir specials, orchestra specials, seasonal events, etc.  So…was I a “Worship Leader?”

I would say yes…but not a very good one given what I know today.

The term Worship Leader is actually relatively new (last 15-20 years). I don’t think Bach was called a worship leader.

So, who falls into that category?  Here are some other terms that I believe are used:

  1. Minister of Music
  2. Choir Director
  3. Worship Pastor
  4. Choir Master
  5. Lead Musician
  6. Music Team Leader
  7. Music Pastor
  8. Precentor
  9. Cantor

So…it appears that the title can be a number of things, but at the crux of the matter…it is all about leading others in worship regardless of the style of music and religious tradition.

Worship leaders are an essential part of a church and their services. Worship leaders are responsible for helping people immerse themselves into worship and get settled in to hear the sermon. They help stitch all the elements together to create beautiful tapestries of sound for the congregation. But more specifically, what does a worship leader do?

The very act of leading worship is not as easy as it looks. It requires many hours of practice, careful selection of music, and the ability to work with a diverse and constantly changing team of worship members, and to play instruments or sing. A church worship leader helps the worship team (again…this can be called many things…like choir, ensemble, etc) work together to make the music flow in a way that glorifies God to the max.

The role and responsibility of a “worship leader” is significant and in many cases is far more entailed than just having musical skills.

To that end, our team has partnered with Kenny Lamm to provide you with a new and FREE eBook on this topic –A Week in the Life of a Worship Leader

Kenny is the senior consultant for the Worship and Music Team at the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina. Previously, he served 23 years as worship pastor of Front Street Baptist Church in Statesville, North Carolina. Under his leadership, the church experienced worship renewal and became a model for many churches seeking to transform and improve their worship services.

Kenny is a frequent worship clinician and guest worship leader. His heart for the nations has also taken him to international fields of service. He has led worship conferences and outreach events with North Carolina Baptist worship teams throughout Malaysia, Singapore and two other Asian countries. Kenny also spent a summer in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, working with churches in worship renewal. Revisions of the curriculum developed for these events continue to be used extensively in equipping worship leaders in churches today around the world and are currently published in English and Chinese.

Kenny received his bachelor’s degree in music from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He also has his master’s degree in church music from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky, where he was a Rice-Judson Scholar and completed doctoral-level classes in worship to receive the Advanced Graduate Certificate in worship studies from Northern Baptist Theological Seminary in Chicago, Illinois.

If you are a worship leader, or any of the other titles used above, you are going to want to download this free resource and share it with your team.  You will be encouraged and may see things in a new light.

Click HERE to download your copy.

Worship Planning and Church Revitalization

If you recall from last week, we talked about how important intentional worship planning is for your church. This week we take a step further and are honored to share a podcast that we did with Dr. Thom Rainer recently.

Tom Metz, the founder of WORSHIPPLANNING.COM, who is now part of the Cool Solutions Group team, joined us to add context to this topic.

The podcast features the following:

  • Regardless of the size of your church, you need to be planning your worship services well.
  • More people than just the pastor and music leader are involved in planning a worship service.
  • Your church building should help your church better fulfill its mission of making disciples.
  • Regardless of the size of your building or congregation, planning is necessary.

To listen to this 22 minute podcast, click HERE


Worship Leaders Have a Choice

Finally…worship leaders of churches of any and every shape, size, style and methodologies have an option when considering the right tool to help them best manage their worship services. For as long back as I can remember, there has been one dominant option for worship leaders to use…and you know who I am referring to.

They are the 800 pound gorilla.  They clearly have market dominance.  They have set a standard and watermark for many aspects of service planning.

But…now you have an option.

We are honored and excited to announce that Cool Solutions Group and eSPACE have acquired WorshipPlanning.com to add to our suite of intentional planning tools. With this acquisition, coupled with some significant enhancements and added features, worship leaders have a viable alternative to the incumbent. We are firm believers that competition is the basis for better products for the market…in this case for your church.

Check out all the features you get with your WorshipPlanning account…all starting at only $25/month for up to 5 planners (those that need to actually  plan services) and UNLIMITED Helpers (think of helpers as your choir, praise team, techs etc.).  You will be blown away!

Service and Events
Create multiple services (aka a series) at once
Custom data fields for services
Service linking for easier management of identical services
Associating files with the service (as opposed to only with the elements or songs)
Schedule rehearsals
Share services to public with special link (via email or social media)
Calendar feed of all services
Ability to project slides Via integration
Variety of printout options
“Virtual Stage” design, drag and drop (with printout option)
Tasks tracking (assignable, with notifications) Coming soon
Rehearsal attendance indicator (“Can you make it? Yes/No”) Coming soon
Team-level rehearsal scheduling Coming soon
Ability to create a variety of event types (not just worship services) Coming soon
Worship Flow
Down-to-the-second scheduling
Set-list planning mode
Add per-elements general notes, or notes specific to roles, teams, or people
Track “views” of worship flow (who and latest)
Allow and track “Likes” of worship flow
Plan multiple, identical flows at once
Select song key (and modulation) specific for that service
Define song map/sequence (order of song parts) specific for that service
Create and apply worship flow templates
Inline editing of worship flow element details
Custom color and name dividers
Drag-and-drop SongSelect integration (right into the worship flow page)
Pre-service elements
Variety of printout and export options (Word, Excel, and PDF)
PDF Setlist Builder (with viewing/scrolling on tablet)
Virtual sheet music Via OnSong integration
Auto-generation of audio playlists for MP3s, Spotify, and YouTube connected songs
Full worship flow details printing
Custom Column worship flow printouts (shows desired notes for roles/people/teams)
Assignment printouts for one or multiple services (per team)
Assignment export for one or multiple services (per team)
Volunteer sign-in sheet (per team)
Song Organization
Song Importing (SongSelect, CSV, etc.)
Integration from LifeWayWorship
Included ”Top Songs” list with basic info and links to Spotify, YouTube, Amazon, and SongSelect connection
Ability to create chord sheet in lyrics section of song
Key transposing of chords in lyrics section
Key transposing of uploaded MP3s
Unlimited file attachments
Auto-generation of audio playlists for MP3s, Spotify, and YouTube connected songs
Create and share virtual song books (with teams or with public)
Song usage report, including chart of usage per month
”Last Performed” date sorting
Match/sync song data with CCLI SongSelect and Rockin’ With The Cross (coming soon). Subscription to those services required.
Print/Export options
Import from CSV option
User Accounts
Unlimited user accounts (“Planner” count limited by subscription, “Helper” count is unlimited)
Access levels to limit what each user can do or view
Skill indication (set by the team leader)
Notification channels: one or more email addresses, one or more SMS text numbers, Facebook notifications
Ability to block days not available to serve
Serving preference indication
WP: Selecting specific days and roles
Bypass login with special link embedded in notifications
Charting of serving history/frequency for past year
Calendar feed of assignments (for real-time updates to appear on personal calendar)
Team Management
Contact info sharing among team
Delegation of team management responsibilities to one or more team leaders
Location designations (none, one, or multiple) for teams
Restrict teams from accessing worship flow details (including music)
Availability Calendar showing the team leader what members have blocked off days in a calendar view.
Uploading and sharing files for team members
Serving “templates” to define typical line-up of roles needed to serve
People/Team Scheduling
Drag and drop scheduling
Assignment notifications via text, email, Facebook
Respond to assignment via email, text, Facebook, website, or mobile web app
Schedule conflict detection across various services and locations
Scheduling across multiple weeks in a single view
Ability to schedule people that don’t have a login account to WP
View past and future schedules
Scheduling entire team at once
Serving “templates” to define customizable line-up of roles
Find the most qualified person to serve in an open role
Find a substitute (initiated by team leader or volunteer)
Assignment reminders (email, text, Facebook)
“Please respond to the schedule request” reminders
Team leader notified when team member responds to an assignment (configurable)
Print/export schedule (single or multiple services)
Charting of serving history/frequency for past year
Email, text, Facebook
Schedule response options embedded in notifications (i.e. email or text contains links to “accept” or “decline” the assignment request).
Team Leader notifications when team member responds to an assignment (configurable)
Configurable (per team) auto-reminder of upcoming assignment
Configurable (per team) auto-reminder of pending assignment response (i.e. remind the team member every few days that they still need to respond to the assignment).
Push notification to desktop, laptop, and Android browsers Coming soon
Single or multi-location capable
Teams can be configured for one or more locations
Cross-location checking for schedule conflicts
“During Event” Functionality
Projector presentation functionality Thru integration with Proclaim
Virtual Sheet Music for use on stage Thru integration with OnSong App
Mobile Functionality
Mobile web app
Responding to assignments
Viewing worship flow details
Viewing/listening to song files
Editing the worship flow
View contact info of fellow team members
3rd-Party Integrations
Church Community Builder
Rockin’ With The Cross
ProPresenter In Progress
PraiseCharts Future
MediaShout In Progress
eSPACE Event Scheduler Coming Soon
Support and Training Options
KB Articles
General Info about Company
Better Business Bureau rating A+ Since joining BBB in 2006
Headquarters location Charlotte, NC
Customer support hours Urgent: 24×7
Non-urgent: 8a-5p EST  (M-F)
Training options Video tutorials, webinars (live and recorded)
Service reliability 99.999%
*Watch the introductory video below to get to know Worship Planning!