Setup Training

A customized training specifically for your organization, which focuses on getting your account setup properly for optimum efficiency and workflow. This is highly encouraged for our new clients as proper setup is key to the success of software utilization. Training can be done as a web meeting or on-site (full day minimum for on-site). Click HERE to contact our team.

  1. $199 for setup training not to exceed 2 hours.

Getting Started and Advanced Training

New User Training or Advanced customized training for our clients that may have new staff and users, or those who need to be updated with all of our latest features and enhancements. This new User Training or “deeper dive” training for Admins, Sub Admins and Users can be conducted on-site or as a web meeting - your choice! Click HERE to contact our team.

  1. $150/hr
  2. $1200/day, plus travel for on-site

System Analysis

The Consultative Analysis entails a comprehensive review of setup and workflow processes to achieve maximized efficiency and utilization of all the facets of eSPACE.Clients that have been with us for a while can benefit from this type of  “tune up “. This assessment and training can be conducted on-site or as a web meeting. Click HERE to contact our team.

  1. $150/hr
  2. $1200/day, plus travel for on-site

Guides & Videos

Are you a “DIY” person? Explore our online Knowledge Base, as well as watch our helpful, easy-to-follow Video Tutorials to learn more about using our Event Scheduler or Work Order Management modules.

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